At Colourworld – paint suppliers Geelong, Surfcoast, Bellarine, Melbourne and Ballarat – many clients are completely overwhelmed by the choice of colour in the Resene, Wattyl and Jotun paint range in stock at our Geelong paintshop. Colourworld can assist you with colour consultancy or refer you to fully experienced colour consultants who can help you through the kaleidoscope of colours in our range. Below are some tips to help you on your way to creating great colour in your world with paint from Geelong Colourworld. Before you get started read our painting tips and hints.

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Style your home with the latest shades in colour: Colours for the home go in and out of fashion, just like clothes. It’s easy to identify decades by colour. When people remember the ’70s, they think of burnt-orange shag-pile carpet, lime-green accessories and acres of brown everywhere. The ’80s had pale pink walls and grey leather sofas, or ‘heritage’ colours that went heavy on the greens and, yes, the pinks.

By the ’90s, our rooms had become neutral zones, with pale walls and wheat-coloured carpet accented by dark brown timber furnishings and feature walls in ochre or plum.

If lemon zing’s not your thing, relax. Zen-style homewares are still exerting an influence. All those white ceramics and clean-lined dark furniture are keeping cream, brown and burgundy in vogue.

Colours at the designer end of the market are metallics, neutrals and slightly degraded, dustier colours. This translates into dusky blues and purples set against pale creams. And watch out for gunmetal grey and pewter.

Exterior colours are also going through a change of culture without too much of the ‘heritage’ colour schemes anymore. People are steering towards sandstones and organic colours.

Colourworld in Geelong have a complete range of colours from top-quality paint suppliers Resene, Taubmans, Sikkens, Wattyl and Jotun. Come in to our Geelong paintshop and talk to one of our paint experts or colour consultants to get the right palette for you and your home.

What’s just around the corner? Overall, the future in colour is looking bright and light. Whites and neutrals will remain in fashion, with textured fabrics and carpets used to add interest.

How to choose colours: Walls and floors cover a large area, so it’s important what colour you make them. The question is, how do you start?

People can work out what colours they really like simply by opening their wardrobes. If your clothes scream a certain colour (OK, maybe wall-to-wall black is a problem), take that into account when choosing paint or flooring.

Collecting lots of pictures of rooms you like from magazines and catalogues and putting them together in a scrapbook is very useful. As well as helping you identify what style of room you like, you can ‘borrow’ the colour scheme. Yet another trick is to copy the colours used in a favourite rug or in the fabric on your sofa – remember, you won’t be changing all the furniture just because you repaint!

Who can help? If you need a helping hand with your colour choices, hire a colour consultant. Most paint companies offer colour consultant services. The consultant will guide you in making the right colour decisions, as well as offering valuable suggestions.

  • Don’t be scared of using bright colours. Why not just paint the wall above or below the dado rail? That way, you can still enjoy the colour without being overwhelmed by it.
  • Borrow colours from nature’s palette. Next time you’re at the beach, look at the colour combinations on seashells.
  • Cool colours in lighter tones make small rooms seem larger and dark rooms look lighter. Try sherbet green, lemon yellow and pale blue.
  • Warm colours, like peach, rose-pink and pumpkin, will make a large room cosier and soften the light in a sun-soaked room.
  • Well-lit rooms can take any colour, even darker hues like red and navy, without looking closed-in. Strong colours can also look good in tiny rooms. There’s no way you can hide how small the space is, so give it a blast of personality by using an intense hue.

How colour affects us: Colour can affect how you feel, so keep this in mind next time you choose a colour scheme.

Red: This is a very dominant hue and is seen as exciting, but it can increase nervous tension, so it’s probably not a good idea for the kids’ rooms. It’s said to stimulate the appetite, so try it in the dining room.

Orange: A warm colour, it encourages activity and is a stimulator.

Yellow: This colour is believed to be intellectually stimulating. It’s a good choice for the study or a room where you want to encourage conversation.

Green: This hue creates an air of tranquility and calm. Excellent in rooms where you’d like to meditate or just relax.

Blue: A receptive, inviting colour, blue has been known to lower the blood pressure and pulse rate. It’s the colour of aristocracy, authority and truth. It’s also the colour of a sunny day, and you have to like that.

White: This tone is associated with purity and cleanliness. It looks refreshing and cool, but can be stark and tiring on the eyes if the room gets lots of sun.

These tips are from Better Homes and Gardens DIY and Deco. For further information on paint colour selection come and see our huge range of Resene paints at our store in Geelong.