Geelong Colourword offers a comprehensive range of painting services for Geelong and the Surf Coast – combined with assistance to help make your painting projects easy to complete, whilst achieving great results for your home.

When undertaking a painting or design project for your home it’s important that you choose a colour that compliments your home and produces the desired result. Often people think a colour looks great on a swatch but when they take it home they realize it’s not suitable.

This is why Geelong Colourworld provides paint colour selection assistance and colour consultancy so that you can find the perfect colour for your home. Our experts in store will work with you to find that killer colour that will have you smiling and excited to start painting!

But at Geelong Colourworld we don’t stop there. We can also provide you with a comprehensive list of painting tips and hints on the best way to go about completing your Geelong painting project. Whether you’re looking for advice on what equipment to use and where to find it, how to pre-clean surfaces before painting or different ways to paint certain surfaces.

As experts in our industry we pride ourselves on our ability to help our customers every step of the way. This is why we have launched an after hours service that involves supplying our customers with onsite advice and tradesman advice. Our qualified painters with vast industry experience can come to your home to provide advice on paints, best practices, equipment, surface preparation and more.

Onsite & Tradesman Advice

Colourworld is Geelong’s premier painting services company because of our comprehensive knowledge and experience in the industry, but we don’t stop there. Our knowledgeable team can come to your home after hours to provide free onsite advice on painting procedures, tips on which paints to use and more. We can also provide qualified tradesmen advice...

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Paint Colour Selection

At Colourworld – paint suppliers Geelong, Surfcoast, Bellarine, Melbourne and Ballarat – many clients are completely overwhelmed by the choice of colour in the Resene, Wattyl and Jotun paint range in stock at our Geelong paintshop. Colourworld can assist you with colour consultancy or refer you to fully experienced colour consultants who can help you...

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Painting Tips & Hints

At our paintshop in Geelong, we find that one of the biggest mistakes made by do-it-yourself painters is not preparing the surface properly before they begin painting. Lack of preparation stops the paint from adhering properly and voids paint product performance guarantees. It is also best to use the best quality paints and professional tools...

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Colour Consultants

At Colourworld in Geelong our staff can assist you with colour consultancy to help with colour matching and paint colour selection. Our clients from Geelong, Surfcoast, Bellarine, Ballarat and Melbourne are sometimes overwhelmed when faced with the huge selection of colours and choices in our Resene, Taubmans, Sikkens, Wattyl and Jotun paint products range. It...

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