Geelong paint supplies and window furnishings

November 21, 2017

Brian and his team at Geelong Colour world are always looking at how they can make lives easier for Geelong residents when it comes to renovating or putting the finishing touches to a new home build.  Being a part of the Geelong community is important to them and they recognise the value of working alongside...

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Exterior paint for Geelong winters

July 3, 2017

Wintergrade paint designed for cold conditions The weekend’s icy morning frost confirmed winter has well and truly arrived, and that means no more exterior paint jobs in Geelong and district for a few months…. or does it? In the past we’d have had to agree that wintry conditions made exterior paint jobs pretty tricky because...

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Geelong house paint could power the future

November 29, 2016

During more than 30 years in the industry as a painter and then proprietor of a paint shop we’ve seen a lot of changes in paint products but few of them can match what we’ve been reading about this week. Currently most customers assessing our Geelong house paint range are tossing up between matte, low-sheen, gloss and satin...

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