Wintertime means Wintergrade Additive

July 15, 2021

During the colder months here in Victoria it makes it really hard to paint exteriors. With Resene Wintergrade Additive this is now possible. Resene Wintergrade Additive allows you to paint under 10 degrees and cure down to 2 degrees without blemishes from cold nights and the frost etc. Simple and easy to mix into your...

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Quality paint supplies for your Point Lonsdale project

August 26, 2015

At Geelong Colourworld we’ve built a reputation as being the go-to store for quality paint supplies for clients from Point Lonsdale and other coastal towns. We pride ourselves on having the products you need for your painting job, whether you’re tackling an internal feature wall, changing the colour of your fence or weatherproofing your home’s exterior....

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Painting your Barwon Heads home

July 31, 2015

With cold wind biting, the rain angling down and winter baring its teeth, painting your Barwon Heads home can become a challenge. So why not turn your attention to its interior, give it a fresh paint finish and get out of the bad weather. It’s amazing how painting a room, or even just part of a...

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Wonderful wallpaper for your Queenscliff home

June 26, 2015

Walk along the picturesque streets of Queenscliff and you’ll find beautiful heritage-style homes, fishermen’s cottages and beach houses. From old to new, they pack a visual punch from the outside. But there’s a quiet revolution going on inside many of them too, as people turn to quality wallpaper to add atmosphere and update interiors. When...

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Need exterior paint for your Torquay project?

May 31, 2015

Call on Colourworld for advice and product Selecting the right exterior paint for your Torquay home, holiday house or business is vital if you want to achieve a great new look for the property. Paint is a truly wonderful product. It takes buildings from faded to fresh and from out-dated and drab to contemporary in...

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Paint colors Lara home-owners will love!

April 29, 2015

Choosing paint colours for your home interior can be a tricky task! There are so many choices it can be difficult to know where to start and no one wants to hate the final colours they have picked. So it’s important to get it right the first time. Colourword Geelong can offer you a few...

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Paint Ocean Grove home after preparation

March 25, 2015

A customer from Ocean Grove visited recently and was inquiring about the best brands and types of paint Ocean Grove houses required to stand up to the town’s weather extremes. Discussions about paint types and brands sorted out the most appropriate paint products for the job ahead but also revealed the weekend painter had overlooked...

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Wide variety of house paint for Geelong homes

February 19, 2015

These days there seems to be as many paint finishes as there are paint colours. Low-sheen, high-sheen, gloss, semi-gloss, flat, matte, satin, enamel, ultra-enamel – the types of house paints and paint finishes available these days goes on and on and sometimes it seems as if there’re as many new finishes as there are surfaces...

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Exterior house paint for Barwon Heads’ homes

January 29, 2015

Give your place a coat of paint designed to withstand coastal air If you’re wanting to paint your house, now is the time to do it, before winter sets in. When it gets cold and wet, it takes so much longer to paint the exterior of your house! During winter, the rain can set in...

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Khroma wallpaper stockists in Geelong

December 12, 2014

We love wallpaper, which is why we stock our shop – Geelong Colourworld on Malop St – with Australian and internationally renowned brands, such as the Belgium-made Khroma wallpaper. “Stories to live in” is what Khroma stands for and their wallpapers tell beautiful stories with their colour, texture and uniqueness. Take a look at the...

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