February 26, 2020

Our tips for getting amazing results when painting your home’s facade

If you want to paint the outside of your home in Geelong, exterior paint selection is the key to a great result.

You need to get your choice of color right, as well as the type of paint you use. Then there’s the important issue of preparation if you want your paint to adhere correctly to the surface.

At Geelong Colourworld, our experienced team is here to assist with your Geelong exterior paint project. We’re happy to provide handy tips to help you plan your approach to painting, including:

  • Choose the right colour. Clearly, this is a biggie. It’s an important part of the painting process, especially when it comes to a home’s exterior. Try to pick a colour or colours that match the palette of your home’s facade. You should also take into account the surrounding elements including paths, driveways and even your garden.
  • Don’t forget to consider the weather. When painting outside you are unfortunately at the mercy of the elements, so it’s important to be mindful of conditions before starting work. While temperature extremes can impact paint results, we offer high-quality Resene paints that can be applied in a range of conditions. Because the best application conditions may depend on the paint type you choose and surface you are painting, talk to our experts for advice. We’re happy to give you all the information you need to get your project started on the right track.
  • Select the right type of paint. Making an informed decision on the sort of exterior paint you use is also critical to your project’s success. Whether you have an old weatherboard home and need water shield and UV resistant paint, or an enamel paint for a dark roof, we can help. All projects are different so it’s sensible to have a chat to Geelong Colourworld’s expert team before picking up the roller or brush.

The right paint, well applied, can make a huge difference to your home’s facade. It refreshes, protects and adds value. And we love to be part of that Geelong exterior paint success story. Please contact our team for assistance.