November 29, 2019

Looking for painting supplies in Geelong to help you with your summer project? Many people like to get started on their renovations in summer because they have a little more spare time and the weather is perfect for it (except for on those really hot days).

But before you get started it’s important that you have the appropriate paints and painting accessories for your project. Whether you’re painting the facade of an old weatherboard house or painting a new outdoor entertaining area, you’re going to need a specific type of paint, sealer, undercoat, thinner, brush and cleaning agent.

Our team can help you find the perfect painting supplies for your project, our expert advice can help ensure you have paint that won’t easily wear or skin (this is especially important when painting in warmer weather), and have the supplies you need to properly mix and apply your paint.

When you visit Geelong Colourworld you know you’re getting informed advice from industry professionals, meaning you can get started on your summer renovations with complete confidence.

Choosing the right paint or paint supplies will save you time and money on having to reapply more coats, or in the worst case scenario, having to strip the paint you applied because it didn’t look anything like you expected it too. This can be caused by not having the right cleaning agent, not mixing the paint properly, having the wrong brush to apply it with, or not having the right kind of paint in the first place.

We know renovations are stressful enough without having to deal with this kind of thing on top of it all. Which is why our team pride ourselves on proving the best painting supplies and advice available on the market.

Contact us to find out more our large range of Geelong paint supplies. We stock supplies from leading brands including Resene, Wattyl, Sikkens and more.