February 28, 2019

Getting the colour palette right is vital to achieving the look your want when painting your home’s interior and exterior surfaces.

And often it pays to seek qualified painting advice from professionals with experience in the industry.

Whether you are refurbishing an old Victorian-style manor or going for an industrial modern vibe through the use of elegant greys, our colour consultants can help you find the ideal colour for your project.

Just looking at the many colours on display – including dozens of varieties of white alone – it’s no wonder the experience of selecting paint can be overwhelming. You can spend hours upon hours going through the hundreds of colour swatches, or you can ask one of the experts in Geelong Colourworld’s stable for qualified painting advice.

We have experienced painters who can provide advice in your home, in our Geelong shop or even over the phone. Our team’s knowledge of products, techniques and the industry in general is a valuable resource for people tackling home painting projects, so use us because we are here to help.

When it comes to colour selection, we are happy to offer assistance with colour consultancy. Expert colour consultants can help you create the atmosphere and look you are after with great paint choices for your home. Whether you are keen on the latest colour trends or love a traditional look, talk to the experts about the best way to achieve your vision.

As suppliers of quality paint products including Resene, Wattyl and Jotun ranges, we can have your paint ready for you to take home once you’ve made your decision on paint colour. And in to time your home will have a fresh, new look.

If you want to use our after-hours service on qualified painting advice and tips or need colour consultancy help, please contact us at Geelong Colourworld.