July 3, 2017

Wintergrade paint designed for cold conditions

The weekend’s icy morning frost confirmed winter has well and truly arrived, and that means no more exterior paint jobs in Geelong and district for a few months…. or does it?

In the past we’d have had to agree that wintry conditions made exterior paint jobs pretty tricky because regular water-based acrylic paints just don’t work when the temperature drops. Put simply, regular paint needs to be above a certain temperature so its elements adhere to each other and create a suitable film on the painted surface. Standard paint applied in too-cold conditions might look okay but is likely to crack or be powdery and simply won’t last.

But the inability to paint during winter is a problem of the past. Now there are exterior paints available at Geelong Colourworld designed specifically for use in chilly winter conditions.

The Resene Wintergrade range of paints is specifically for use when the temperature drops, right down as low as 2 degrees Celsius. That means you can spend winter weekends happily painting the exterior of your home instead of heading off to the footy. That’s a good thing, isn’t it?

Resene Wintergrade comes in a wide range of products including Hi-Glo, Sonyx 101, Lumbersider, Quick Dry, X-200 and Roof Primer. Geelong Colourworld is the region’s stockist of Resene paints and your destination for all things relating to paint and painting in Geelong. Drop in, call or contact us online for information about painting and a wide range of products, including the range of Resene Wintergrade paints, perfect for cold weather exterior paint work in Geelong and district.