May 31, 2017

If you’re renovating your home in Geelong, have you considered using wallpaper to make a style statement in your rooms?

Today’s high-quality wallpaper is a versatile performer that creates endless decorating options in bedrooms, lounge rooms and even kitchens and bathrooms. Whether you’re after a subtle and sophisticated look, a bold rush of retro, a faux finish or a soothing natural vibe, our Geelong wallpaper is a perfect solution.

At Geelong Colourworld, we’ve got a great selection of sample books in our store that reveal the huge range of wallpapers on offer. We supply wallpaper from leading names including Vision, Lincrusta and Wallpaper Republic and the range of design options and colours is amazing.

Home renovations can change the way your home flows and functions. Adding the gloss – the style renovation – changes the way a home feels. And wallpaper can play a major part in achieving that goal, updating your interiors and creating atmosphere.

Using great wallpaper designs to make a feature on one wall can lift your room instantly. And often, just that single wall is enough, especially if you use a bold pattern. Papering an entire room in a bold design can feel claustrophobic, while using that same look on one wall lets it sing, not smother.

So what sort of design will you choose? How about a large geometric pattern in a soft colour, or a faux finish such as brick or weathered timber or, if you want an industrial look, even concrete? What about a floral pattern, one of the great Scandinavian styles or even a mural? Are you looking for texture?

It’s also important to match your wallpaper selection to your room. For example, you don’t want a wallpaper that shouts at you in a baby’s nursery or child’s bedroom. Instead go for something that’s more calming. Careful selection of paint for the walls surrounding a wallpaper feature also helps balance your design choice too.

For quality Geelong wallpaper for your home renovation, you can’t go wrong with our selection at Geelong Colourworld. Please contact us for more information or visit our store to browse our extensive wallpaper range.