February 26, 2017

Sometimes we all need a bit of a lift in life. Something to brighten and colour our day. And it’s the same with timber.

And that’s where leading paint manufacturer Resene has you covered – with its Waterborne Woodsman product that comes in a new range of colours. It’s the perfect remedy for tired, stained weatherboards, for timber outdoor furniture, for fences and for beams. With this product, you can say goodbye to drab and hello to colour.

At Geelong Colourworld, all it takes is a quick look at our new display of Waterborne Woodsman’s array of exterior wood stain colours to see they pack a punch. The product, which colours timber beautifully without disguising the lovely natural grain, has a lower level of volatile organic components than stains that are solvent borne. This makes it better for the environment. It’s also easy to apply and contains mould-resistant properties too.

The new colour range, now available in our Geelong store, is amazing. You don’t just get a traditional choice of stains here. You get much more, with the 38 colour options ranging from red, green, yellow and purples through to warm timber tones. It might be just what you need to make elements of your property sing.

Perhaps you want a burnt-orange look for timber furniture on your verandah, giving it a warmth of colour with the timber’s grain showing through. Maybe you want to enliven a fence or dress up a feature wall in your outdoor entertaining area. The sky is the limit when it comes to Waterborne Woodsman exterior wood stain’s potential.

Our experienced team at Geelong Colourworld has watched Resene launch many great products over the years and we know that this exterior stain, with its new range of colours, will prove popular with homeowners across the region.

We’re happy to help you select the perfect colour and are on hand to offer advice on preparation and application. We can also supply test pots for clients too.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like more information on this great product.