October 29, 2016

Did you know that extreme heat in summer can cause serious damage to your Geelong home’s interior and exterior paint?

While the sun’s rays in summer are a siren song to slap on the sunscreen, grab the surfboard and hit the beach, sunlight and Ultraviolet radiation are waging a silent war on your home’s painted surfaces. So perhaps it’s time to give them some painting attention before the heat arrives with a vengeance.

Here are a few tips our Geelong painting experts recommend you follow to protect your home:

  • Quality preparation is the key to a great paint job. Make sure the surface –  exterior and interior – is properly prepared before painting begins. If the surface isn’t clean, then paint won’t adhere properly and you’ll not be happy with the final result. Dust, dirt, grease and mould need to be removed. A pressure washer, sugar soap and a range of specialist cleaning products can help. You also need to remove flaking paint or wallpaper residue and patch any holes or cracks.
  • Select the right paint. There are so many paint types on the market it’s no wonder people get confused. It’s well worth seeking advice from a paint-industry professional, such as Geelong Colourworld’s experienced team. We recommend that you always opt for paint from a quality manufacturer for a great finish.
  • Don’t carry out your Geelong painting project in extreme weather conditions because it will affect paint quality and adhesion. Make sure you check the weather before embarking on exterior or interior painting. If the temperature is between 15 to 20 degrees Celcius, a gentle breeze is stirring the air and the humidity’s sitting comfortably between 70 to 80 per cent, that’s pretty close to painting paradise. Also avoid painting when it’s windy, or on days when it’s rainy or rain is forecast. And try not to paint in direct sunlight if possible. It’s worth noting that these basic rules also apply to interior painting – try not to paint when the humidity is high, the temperature is extremely hot or extremely cold and there is no air circulating.

It’s amazing what a difference a fresh paint job makes to your home’s exterior and interior. But it’s also amazing what an effective job paint does to protect your valuable asset too. It’s a strong barrier of defence against the weather and it pays to make sure that barrier is in a good condition to effectively carry out its important role of looking after your home.

If you are considering a Geelong painting project in the next few months, please contact us at Geelong Colourworld for advice and superior paint products. Our staff are extremely knowledgeable about all things paint and we’d be pleased to help.