September 27, 2016

How do you say `professional business’ but still fit in with a relaxed coastal vibe?

When it comes to choosing the right paint colours for your business in Torquay, our experts at Geelong Colourworld can help you strike the right balance between professional and inviting, while also catering to personal preferences.

Paint is more than just an attractive colour scheme. If used smartly, it can be a clever tool to help you communicate with clarity to clients the nature of your business and its values. And now, with sophisticated paint technology such as Resene CoolColour, it can also help keep your business cooler in the hot summer sun.

With so many different paint colours on offer, making the right choice for external and internal paint can be a confusing process for many. That’s why it’s great to know our staff, with years of experience in the paint industry, have your back and can offer advise.

Colour triggers emotion and businesses can use that to their advantage. For example orange tones can inspire feelings of hunger, food, warmth and comfort, making it a popular colour to incorporate among the paint scheme for cafes, restaurants and produce stores. Perhaps you’d like a splash of yellow for optimism or green for that feeling of harmony?

Blues and organic colours that reflect the tones of the ocean and beach can strike a chord in a seaside village like Torquay. Businesses where water forms a key part of their operation such as plumbing or pool cleaning companies often work blues into their scheme too. It’s a common approach to incorporate such a key colour, thereby providing a clear link to the services offered by the organisation for their clients.

Sometimes it’s all about the mood. If you’re going for that hipster vibe for your cool waterfront café, perhaps dark and moody is the way to go.

There are many tricks to the trade when it comes to selecting the perfect paint colours in Torquay for your business. When it comes to interiors, the use of cool colours can make your small retail space seem bigger, especially if you match your flooring colour to the store’s walls. But if you have a big open space that you need to make cosy and comfortable to attract customers, head towards the warm colours to get the job done.

Paint manufacturers are also delivering us sophisticated tools in the paints we choose too in the form of product that can not only look great but help reflect heat away from your home. Resene CoolColour is a perfect example, with its pigment technology making it possible to use dark colours externally without them heating up the building to the same extent as standard colours. Useful on a range of materials including weatherboard and concrete, CoolColour paint recorded a reduction in temperature of 12 per cent after Resene tests that compared it to traditional paint. And that’s great news for Torquay people during a baking hot summer.

When it comes to choosing paint colours Torquay business owners know that Geelong Colourworld’s staff are on hand to offer advice and quality product. Please contact us if you would like our help.