June 24, 2016

With thousands of paint colours on offer, it’s no wonder many people are overwhelmed about making a decision.

Whether you’re painting a balustrade in your house, a feature wall or your home’s exterior, you want to feel confident from the first roller or brush stroke that you’ve got the colour right. And that’s where using Geelong Colourworld’s paint colour charts can make all the difference.

Our charts and colour swatches from leading paint companies including Resene help you find a colour you love, that suits your personality and your home. And then you can use these great selection tools to complete your colour scheme with other colours, tones and shades that work well together.

Working out a main colour, let alone a complete scheme for a room, entire interior or exterior is daunting for many people. We don’t trust our choice or we simply can’t make a choice. And if there’s one thing the paint industry delivers, it’s choice.

Take white. You only need a minute in a paint shop to realise that white is not just white. It can be a cool white or a warm white, antique white, magic white, alabaster or even moody white. By the time you’ve overdosed on colour options and names, you could possibly be feeling a tad moody yourself!

So turn to Geelong Colourworld’s knowledgeable staff for colour-consultancy help and, using paint colour charts and our experience, we’ll assist you to find paint colours you love and that work well in your home.

Once you’ve selected your colours, tones and shades and paint finishes, it’s time to get to work, paint those surfaces and applaud yourself on your fantastic paint choices!

If you’re stuck on paint selection in Geelong, paint colour charts are a practical way to create balance with your colour choices. Please contact us at Geelong Colourworld if you would like help selecting paint colour for your next project.