April 28, 2016

When you live in coastal areas including Queenscliff, there is a small price to pay for those stunning ocean views. And that’s the wear and tear on your home’s exterior from the elements.

That’s why it’s vital to think carefully when choosing house paint for your Queenscliff home. It must be able to stand up to the rigours of blazing sun, rain, strong wind and the corrosive bite of salt water. The paint products you put on those exterior walls aren’t just aesthetic – they’re about protection. Your home, probably the biggest purchase of your life, is definitely worth protecting well. While paint won’t last forever, especially in a coastal environment, bad paint selection can mean you have to reapply years earlier than you expect.

So how do you go about making the right paint selection? Getting advice from professionals in the paint industry is a sensible starting point. At Geelong Colourworld, we know paint technology is always advancing and can offer quality advice to ensure you are armed with excellent paint products for your coastal castle.

We understand the toll environmental conditions on the coast can take on the exterior of houses and can help you plan a paint scheme that adds layers of protection against the elements. From preparation to finishing, we’re happy to guide you on the right path to a great result.

The Geelong Colourworld team is a big believer in getting the preparation phase right. With bad prep, the end result suffers. Paint products, no matter how excellent they are, rely on decent preparation to do their job well. That means you need to clean the surface of dirt, mould and salt spray so the product has a chance to adhere correctly and then attend to other issues including flaking paint.

The range of products, from primers, sealers and undercoats through to acrylic latex paints and preserver/conditioner products for timber can be bewildering to many customers. But don’t feel swamped, just ask our advice. This is our field of expertise and we can explain the benefits of different paint products until you’re confident with your selection. We can also help with your colour schemes.

Queenscliff, perched on the tip of the Bellarine Peninsula, is known for its relaxed lifestyle. But don’t relax your care for your home – the wrong house paint can leave your home looking prematurely aged and unhappy amid the smart streetscapes.

For products and advice on house paint Queenscliff homeowners rely on, please contact us at Geelong Colourworld. Paint is not only our profession, it’s our passion, and we are here to help.