March 28, 2016

Many people make Geelong Colourworld’s extensive paint shop their first port of call before tackling their Torquay home renovations.

And it’s no surprise they do – because our knowledgeable staff can provide the right information, advice and products to ensure you get the best results every time. With more than three decades of experience in the paint supply and painting industry, Colourworld’s team will help you find the best approach and product so you end up with a finish that suits your sense of style, your home and your budget.

By using our paint shop Torquay homeowners will find their renovations easier from start to finish. We can help guide you through those important first steps right up until you add the final coat of paint to your walls or oil stain product to your deck. And it’s important that every step along the way is the right one, saving you time, money and effort.

You can choose from our range of preparation and priming products to make sure the foundation of your painting renovation is strong – we can advise on the best approach to take including ways to achieve an initial clean surface. We can also guide you through the most appropriate interior and exterior paint choices – and the range is enormous – and discuss waterproofing and sealing aspects to best protect your valuable reno.

It doesn’t take long before you realise that an effective paint job is much more than simply dipping a brush or roller into paint and slapping it on the walls. There are so many choices to make, products to select from and equipment to use. Product choices depend on factors including surface material, whether it’s interior or facing harsh elements outside and whether it’s in a wet area such as a bathroom or a high-traffic area such as a deck. Then there’s the actual look of the paint, the colour, the texture…and the list goes on.

But don’t despair – just come to us for information and tips. As the paint shop Torquay renovators can rely on for advice, products and painting accessories, we’d love to play a part in your successful project. Please contact us to get the ball rolling.