February 26, 2016

If your wallpaper is cracked and peeling, perhaps it’s time for a new look. But before you start stressing about the workload, consider hiring a wallpaper steamer for your Barwon Heads residential project and the job will become much easier.

Wallpaper steamers, which we have available for hire at Geelong Colourworld, are a perfect time-saving solution. Instead of spending hours trying to remove damaged wallpaper by chemical means or endless scraping, these trusty and practical workhorses use heat and steam to strip it away swiftly. It’s an environmentally-friendly approach and it works.

Old, out-dated wallpaper can really detract from your home’s appeal.  Just think back to the choices of decades past and you’ll know where we’re coming from.  Those infamous days of garish colours and patterns that shouted at us from the ’60s, ’70s and even ’80s are still haunting some homes today.

If you’re living in an older house in Barwon Heads, there’s a good chance the wallpaper could be older than you are! Is it showing its age? Does it make you wince whenever you walk by? And are you dying to breathe new life onto your home’s walls by removing that tired old design and starting again?

If the answer’s yes to those questions, then come in and talk to our experienced team at Geelong Colourworld. We know our steamers are an efficient way to strip wallpaper, glue and residue. We also give quality advice on wallpaper Barwon Heads clients trust as they tackle their residential improvements.

Before you throw yourself into the project, make sure you have your floor covered with a drop sheet and take time to protect power points from water by using tape. As the name suggests, wallpaper steamers will create plenty of steam so it’s important to keep the area you are working in well ventilated. Have any other tools you need ready, including the steamer, a scraper and perhaps a ladder, don gloves for protection from dripping hot water and off you go.

Wallpaper steamers are not hard to use. Once the equipment is ready for use – filled with water and hot – you just place the paddle firmly on the wall for 30 or so seconds to allow the steam time to soften the glue and then work your scraper under the paper’s lifted edge. Before you know it you’ll have all the offending paper off. A quick wall wash-down and then you’re ready for the next stage – the new look. And rest assured, Geelong Colourworld can help with that too. We’ve got a great range of wallpaper to select from and an impressive choice when it comes to quality paint.

For information on removal and selection of wallpaper Barwon Heads homeowners have come to rely on, our passionate team won’t let you down. Our steamer equipment won’t let you down either. It’s available for 24-hour overnight and weekend hire and our rates are competitive.

Please contact us at Geelong Colourworld if you are interested in hiring a wallpaper steamer. And then you can launch into your residential makeover, which might even include new wallpaper at your Barwon Heads home!