January 31, 2016

When it comes to selecting the perfect house paint for the interior of your Geelong home, the sky’s the limit. There are so many colours, tones and textures to choose from that’s it hard to know where to start.

You want each individual room to have the right feel and look, without making the home disjointed. And you want it to be up to date, with the colours that are making a statement in 2016.

Well, colour trends for this year have something for everyone. The love affair with grey deservedly continues, with a wide variety of soft, inviting and restful tones part of the mix. Ranging right through to gentle aqua, navy, slate-grey and charcoal-greys, they are a beautiful way to outfit your walls.

And then there’s the dusky and blush pinks, aubergine hues, lilac, lavender and the happy call of warm yellow. Bronze and gold also command attention, but not by shouting. They’re toned down and refined.

Neutrals feature strongly too, but many of the favourites are warmer than previous years.

This year it’s all about using both cool and warm tones, welcoming the arrival of green undertones and celebrating the great choice of interior house paint Geelong people will love.

Having a huge choice of trend-setting colours is one thing. Selecting them, for the right rooms and the right walls, is another. So where do you start?

Our experienced staff at Geelong Colourworld are a good first port of call. We’ve been part of the paint industry for years and can offer advice and guidance as well as supply the house paint you need.

Colour is an emotion changer. Used effectively, it creates a mood in a space. That mood can change from room to room – restful and relaxed in a bedroom, casual and comfortable in a lounge through to formal in a dining room.

Where light falls within a room can also impact your selection. Sample the colours on walls, or paint a large canvas and move it around, to test the paint’s look at different times of the day as the light varies. Ever-popular white can look quite different in a bright north-facing room in the morning than it does in the late afternoon. Its undertones can initially be hard to see until it’s on a wall, in different light conditions.

Paint colour can set moods, start conversations and enhance emotions. Whether you select a blush pink or soft grey to make your bedroom relaxing, or go for a deep, dark colour to turn it into a cosy sanctuary, the paint contributes to the experience from the minute you enter the room.

If it’s all overwhelming, then talk to us at Geelong Colourworld. We have a passion for paint colours and will help you to make a choice you’ll love living with on your walls.

We’ve been supplying advice and quality interior house paint Geelong homeowners and industry professionals have been relying on for years. Please contact us because we’d love help you create your residential masterpiece too.