Geelong house paint could power the future

November 29, 2016

During more than 30 years in the industry as a painter and then proprietor of a paint shop we’ve seen a lot of changes in paint products but few of them can match what we’ve been reading about this week. Currently most customers assessing our Geelong house paint range are tossing up between matte, low-sheen, gloss and satin...

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Geelong painting experts’ tips to get your house ready for summer

October 29, 2016

Did you know that extreme heat in summer can cause serious damage to your Geelong home’s interior and exterior paint? While the sun’s rays in summer are a siren song to slap on the sunscreen, grab the surfboard and hit the beach, sunlight and Ultraviolet radiation are waging a silent war on your home’s painted...

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Need help choosing the best paint colours for your Torquay business?

September 27, 2016

How do you say `professional business’ but still fit in with a relaxed coastal vibe? When it comes to choosing the right paint colours for your business in Torquay, our experts at Geelong Colourworld can help you strike the right balance between professional and inviting, while also catering to personal preferences. Paint is more than...

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Classic, novelty and retro Vision Wallpaper designs bring your home to life

August 31, 2016

It takes vision to make your home’s interior a stylish success. And with Vision Wallpaper part of the decorating equation, we reckon you’re on the right track. At Geelong Colourworld, we’re proud to supply great designs from Vision’s diverse range of wallpaper. This company has had a big impact on homes across Australia for the...

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House paint that withstands Ocean Grove climate

July 31, 2016

Ocean Grove is a popular coastal destination for everyone from young families right through to retirees. It’s a great place to live. Wonderful beach, plenty of space and a relaxed atmosphere. What’s not to like? But living in this stunning location, with its coastal weather conditions, means you have to get it right when selecting...

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Avoid disasters by consulting Geelong paint colour charts

June 24, 2016

With thousands of paint colours on offer, it’s no wonder many people are overwhelmed about making a decision. Whether you’re painting a balustrade in your house, a feature wall or your home’s exterior, you want to feel confident from the first roller or brush stroke that you’ve got the colour right. And that’s where using...

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Choose wallpaper to update your home or business in Lara

May 31, 2016

If you want to add a fresh look to the interior of your home or business in Lara, then wallpaper is a great quick fix that packs personality and punch. Our Geelong Colourworld team has watched wallpaper’s rise in popularity over recent years and we’re not surprised it’s once again making its way onto walls...

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Choosing the right house paint for your Queenscliff home

April 28, 2016

When you live in coastal areas including Queenscliff, there is a small price to pay for those stunning ocean views. And that’s the wear and tear on your home’s exterior from the elements. That’s why it’s vital to think carefully when choosing house paint for your Queenscliff home. It must be able to stand up...

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Our paint shop a key tool for Torquay home renovations

March 28, 2016

Many people make Geelong Colourworld’s extensive paint shop their first port of call before tackling their Torquay home renovations. And it’s no surprise they do – because our knowledgeable staff can provide the right information, advice and products to ensure you get the best results every time. With more than three decades of experience in...

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Want to remove outdated wallpaper at your Barwon Heads home?

February 26, 2016

If your wallpaper is cracked and peeling, perhaps it’s time for a new look. But before you start stressing about the workload, consider hiring a wallpaper steamer for your Barwon Heads residential project and the job will become much easier. Wallpaper steamers, which we have available for hire at Geelong Colourworld, are a perfect time-saving...

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