December 21, 2015

Soon after those fireworks fade from the sky, people will mark the New Year with a range of new paint projects. If you plan to kick of 2016 with a makeover for your home, then visit the experts for all your exterior paint needs in Geelong.

And that’s the team at Geelong Colourworld. We’ve built a strong knowledge base after years in the painting industry and we can help guide you through the complex and diverse world of exterior paint, helping you select everything you need from undercoats to colours, textured paints and more. We can also offer tips to ensure your end result is a good one that celebrates and showcases your home.

Much planning goes into tackling the painting of your home’s exterior. You need to make sure the surface is clean, free of dirt, mould and dust, so the paint will stick effectively. And then you’ll have to source the right exterior paint products. Will you use a waterborne enamel or a quality acrylic paint? What product will offer the best UV protection? Do you need to use an undercoat? How many coats of paint will you need? And are thinning products necessary if you paint over summer?

The weather is another consideration. Pick dry days when it’s not blowing a gale and try to avoid painting under the burning sun or on a hot surface.

When it comes to protecting your house from the elements, quality exterior paint is a great solution. But paint is much more than just protection – it also allows you to dress your house in a style that suits its character. Whether you choose a beautiful soft grey with white trim, a heritage look or want to make a bold street-side statement, our professional and experienced team can help ensure you pick the products, colours and equipment to ensure a quality job.

When it comes to exterior paint Geelong clients have trusted Geelong Colourworld for years to help them turn painting projects into excellent results. Please contact us if you are after advice or products for your 2016 home makeover.