October 27, 2015

Take a drive around the suburbs and you’ll see grey in all its glory as home owners turn to its many shades and undertones when selecting exterior house paint in Geelong.

Grey, with its warm and cool tints, is proving a popular and lasting trend when it comes to exteriors. From soft, light greys to dark hues, it serves up a swag of possibilities to bring colour and character to your home. It’s such a versatile choice and can be contrasted beautifully with white trim and even dark charcoal, blue or black for a strong effect. And if the hue is chosen carefully, grey can also team effectively with the rich warmth of timber or red brick.

Put simply, grey has come into its own. And no wonder, because it delivers a range of colour combinations to suit any style of house. From heritage residences to sleek contemporary designs, there will be a grey that looks at home on your home.

But it’s also a perfect foil for bright accent colours that shout a happy statement about your residence. Think pink, yellow or blue. Think fun. There are so many ways to deliver that joyful message of colour.

The front door is a great example. Use the entry to your home to add that vibrant splash of colour – perhaps a sunny yellow – and watch it sing against the grey. You could also create the same effect with carefully placed bright deck chairs or even a vivid letterbox. It’s all about colour and character and grey provides beautiful background music.

Whether you’re after a gunmetal grey or a soft, subtle shade, ask our experienced team at Geelong Colourworld about colour combinations to bring your home to life. We can help you select the right shade and tone of grey and your accent colours too. And, before you make your final choice, it’s worth using a decent sized colour sample on your wall to test its appearance against the day’s changing light.

For more information about this popular trend in exterior house paint in Geelong, please contact us at Geelong Colourworld. We are experts when it comes to paint and its many products and we’ll work with you to find the perfect grey to brighten your day and your home.