September 19, 2015

Want to add impact to your child’s bedroom walls without having to paint or paper? Wallpaper stickers could be just the answer, providing instantaneous impact to brighten kids’ rooms in Torquay homes.

Forget the drop sheets, the equipment and the hard work that can accompany a fresh look for interior surfaces. The sticker approach strips that away. All you have to do is carefully peel the backing off the self-adhesive stickers and place them on the wall in the desired position. That’s it. Then step back and admire the visual effect of your decorating efforts. Job done. Applause.

When it comes to wall stickers, you are really only limited by your imagination. The range is huge. In fact, the hardest job about these removable stickers is the selection proceess.

At Geelong Colourworld, we understand completely why this decorating approach is so popular, especially for kids’ rooms. Stickers are a great way to temporarily change a young person’s wall decor to reflect their growing tastes.

They allow a room’s look to evolve with a child’s progress through life. From early nursery days, to toddler, pre-teen and teenager, they can reflect the journey with charm in a cost-effective, easy-to-change way.

From hot-air balloons, dandelions and dinosaurs, to butterfilies and bird cages, trees and rockets to skateboards and sporting themes, they’re the perfect tool for kids to add an individual and stylish touch to redecorating their room. Or why not select a self-adhesive map or mural? Perhaps you’d like to use geometric shapes and create your own wall art? They’re all possibilities that are easy to achieve.

Just like painting, a good result does require preparation. But don’t stress. It won’t take long. Stickers work well on most non-porous, smooth surfaces such as walls, windows and wardrobe doors. All you need to do is make sure the surface you want the stickers attached to is dust-free and clean. And if your wall is freshly painted, leave it a few weeks before applying the stickers to ensure a quality result.

While stickers are great for kids’ rooms, they’re also proving popular across the rest of the house too. Clever and often simple designs, with many drawing from nature, are now adding impact to kitchens, bedrooms and lounges in homes across the nation.

So contact us at Geelong Colourworld to ask about our variety of wallpaper stickers available for Torquay clients. We also have an impressive range of wallpaper, related products and equipment for hanging wallpaper that’s worth a look too.