June 26, 2015Nordic_style_wallpaper_June_blog_2015

Walk along the picturesque streets of Queenscliff and you’ll find beautiful heritage-style homes, fishermen’s cottages and beach houses.

From old to new, they pack a visual punch from the outside. But there’s a quiet revolution going on inside many of them too, as people turn to quality wallpaper to add atmosphere and update interiors.

When it comes to wallpaper in Queenscliff homes, the sky is the limit. But Nordic-style wallpaper is one design trend that can work beautifully with a seaside home. The Nordic or Scandinavian look is a study in simplicity, with its homage to natural materials, clean style and understated beauty. Often characterised by black, white and grey tones, with a hint of faint pastel hues, its pared-back approach combines well with timber pieces, sheepskin throws, the detail of driftwood and relaxed beach house interiors.

And the popularity of Nordic-style wallpaper’s famous graphic designs ranging from woodland scenes, to organic and geometric patterns, shows no signs of waning here and around the world.

At Colourworld Geelong, we can show you a range of Scandanavian-style wallpapers from Ferm Living to help you achieve the look you’re after. We know that wallpaper is a wonderful way to lift a room, create a feature and change an atmosphere.

There are many design trends to explore when trying to find the perfect fit for your castle. Perhaps your beloved old home calls for a heritage or traditional wallpaper to complement its past while updating its future? Or does your house cry out for a feature accent? You could use a bold print, textured look or even faux wallcoverings such as rustic timber, stone, brick or grasscloth to achieve the right look.

It’s believed the Chinese kicked off the wallpaper trend about 2000 years ago, with decorated rice paper their material of choice. And the trend is still hanging strong. New ideas, fresh approaches to classic tales and new technology including digital printing serve up an exciting selection of designs and products for people to use.

Colourworld Geelong staff can show you a huge range of styles, patterns and textures and offer advice on correct preparation and hanging techniques. From Vision wallpaper patterns including the concrete look of Vision Factory Mural pattern 439915, pictured above left, and the wood appeal of Vision Sky Lounge 2016 Wallpaper pattern 514452, pictured above right, to sharp geometric designs and muted Scandanavian simplicity, the choice is incredible. We can also show you wallpaper designs from design houses including Wallpaper Republic, Lincrusta and Shibori.

If you are considering using wallpaper at your Queenscliff home to add personality, then contact us at Colourworld Geelong to learn about the great options available. We are also happy to help with wallpaper products, equipment and advice.