January 29, 2015

Give your place a coat of paint designed to withstand coastal air

If you’re wanting to paint your house, now is the time to do it, before winter sets in. When it gets cold and wet, it takes so much longer to paint the exterior of your house! During winter, the rain can set in for days, there’s less sunshine and even the air feels damp, especially when you live by the sea. Not only do days of rain prolong the job you started, it will also take much longer for each coat of paint to dry. So if you can, paint now or wait until next summer.

Living in a coastal area also means you should use a certain type of paint. If you have a coastal house in Barwon Heads, we will recommend exterior paint that is designed for areas where salty sea air can corrode and fade your paint over time.

Exposure to the excess moisture in the air and airborne sea-spray on extra windy days means the exterior of your house is put under greater stress than homes in suburbia. The closer you are to the ocean, the more prone it will be to weather damage.

Resene AquaShield is one such paint which is designed to stand up to the demands of coastal living, with its special silicone blend which is perfect to use on the exterior of weather-exposed homes. Silicone repels water and allows dirt and other debris to easily wash off when it rains – meaning a low-maintenance surface for you.

The weather might not be spectacular at the moment, despite still being summer, but it will get worse come June! We regularly supply residents in Barwon Heads with the exterior paint they need to achieve stunning yet practical finishes on their homes. Contact us for queries or visit us in-store to have one of our friendly consultants assist you with the right paint for your environment.