November 24, 2014

Resene Good Environmental Choice Australia approved

We stock and supply the Resene range of paint products, many of which are approved by Good Environmental Choice Australia – a non-profit organisation which provides an ecolabelling program for businesses, to assist consumers in finding products which are better for the environment. Products which receive approval via this independent certification body meet stringent quality standards and are deemed to be a more sustainable option. If you are painting in Torquay, we recommend looking at Resene’s range of interior and exterior Environmental Choice approved paint products.

Torquay is a pristine environment where the bush meets the sea and world-renowned beaches are enjoyed by pro surfers and families alike. We know the residents of this coastal town take pride in their part of the world and work hard to ensure their surroundings are taken care of. That’s why we supply local residents with our environmentally friendly range of Resene paints.

You might’ve heard about “low-VOC”, “zero-VOC” or “VOC-free” paints, but like many you’ve probably wondered what “VOC” even means! VOC stands for volatile organic compounds and refers to the more dangerous chemical compounds contained in residential and commercial paints. High levels of solvents is part of what contributes to higher levels of VOCs, as well as other chemicals. High-VOC paints generally have stronger fumes or smell, whereas low-VOC paints are less odorous. Even if the smell of paint doesn’t bother you, the fumes are bad for your health and the environment which is why, where possible, we recommend Resene’s Good Environmental Choice painting products! Low odour, less irritating and far better for the environment you live in. Protect your environment and your family, talk to us about painting in Torquay.