July 31, 2014

Supplying Geelong, Lara, Point Cook, Torquay and Werribee


Please click on the image above to download the full Resene Wintergrade paint PDF.

Painting the exterior of your home in winter is difficult enough for professionals who know what they’re doing and are trained how to approach cold and wet weather painting jobs, let alone when you’ve opted to go DIY. There’s no doubt painting exteriors in winter is a harder task, but if you get the right advice and use the right products, it can be a success.

In cold weather it seems like no matter how long you wait, the layers of paint you have painstakingly applied simply won’t dry! They remain sticky, tacky and just don’t seem to “set”. If you need to use exterior paint in winter, don’t get caught out in the cold – use Resene Wintergrade paint and successfully paint through the chilly season. Resene is dedicated to advancing technology to assist the painting industry, both professional and DIY, to achieve the finishes they desire. That’s why Resene created Wintergrade products which will dry in temperatures as low as 2 degrees Celsius!

Another benefit of the Resene Wintergrade range is that a selection of the products are Environmental Choice approved – meaning they not only cure in winter, they are also better for the environment!

Geelong Colourworld supplies the surrounding areas of Greater Geelong with the paint products they need to complete a variety of projects, including Point Cook, Torquay, Lara and Werribee. If you’d like to find out more about our range of Wintergrade exterior paints, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our friendly consultants will provide advice about colours and paint types depending on your project.