May 29, 2014

Information for Werribee homeowners


Based in Geelong, Colourworld supplies Werribee homeowners with the paint products, wallpaper and accessories needed to transform their homes into a personal oasis. With a population of around 38,000, we help many clients from this region choose the right paint colours and products to complete a DIY paint job.

Painting your home is one of the most inexpensive ways to update and modernise your home. The best part is, anyone with relative mobility can complete a DIY painting project without previous experience.

If you live in Werribee and feel it’s time to update the look and feel of your home, we would love to help you choose paint colours to suit the rest of your existing décor, your personality and classic or current trends.

An important consideration to take into account is how colour affects mood. But before you choose colours according to mood, you need to decide what moods you want to encourage in which rooms. For example, bedrooms are generally where you sleep and relax, so you probably want calming and soothing colours in these rooms. If you have a study or home office you may want to consider incorporating a more stimulating colour. Remember, you don’t need to paint the whole room one colour, you can have feature walls or accents.

Here is general guide for popular paint colours:

  • Greens and blues: These colours are known to make people feel calm and relaxed and have even been known to lower blood pressure and heart rate! Just like a deep green ocean or bright blue sky, you can’t help but embrace feelings of tranquillity. Great in bedrooms or rooms where you’d like to chill-out and relax.
  • Reds, oranges and yellows: To describe these colours in one word – stimulating. These colours are great in the dining room, study or home office, but not so much in bedrooms!
  • Whites, soft warm and neutral colours: Balancing, neutral and calming, white, peach and other warm, soft colours are great in the lounge room.

Warm colours elicit more stimulating feelings whilst cool colours are more calming and neutral colours are just that! Please contact us for help choosing paint colours for your Werribee home.