April 15, 2014

Based in Geelong, providing supplies to clients in Point Cook, Torquay, Lara, and Werribee

Wall paper achieves patterns, colours and textures that are almost impossible to DIY with paint, unless you are a talented artist with a lot of time!

We stock wall paper from highly reputable brands including Ferm Living Australia, Lincrusta, and Vision Wallcoverings. Because decorating should be fun, we have chosen three current trends we love from brands we stock:

Scandinavian wall paper from Ferm Living – WallSmart Remix

Ferm Living Australia is an Australian company selling Scandinavian design wall paper. Scandinavian design is extremely popular at the moment, but has and will withstand the test of time with its minimalist yet functional focus. Ferm Living wall papers are directional, graphic, and bold, yet simple. We love ‘Remix’ (pictured above).

Lincrusta wall paper – Linenfold Wallcovering

Lincrusta is a British invention and was launched in 1877, used widely including in royal homes and railway carriages. It became hugely popular for its grandeur and washability. Wood panelling has made a huge comeback, and the Linenfold Wallcovering mimics the look and feel without the maintenance!

Vision wall paper – Retrospective

Recent years has seen the return of retro styling as seen in the 60s and 70s. Thankfully, the retro style of today is far more refined. We love the Retrospective range from Vision Wallcoverings, especially this gorgeous red and white design.

Based in Geelong, we provide wall paper and supplies to clients in Point Cook, Torquay, Lara, and Werribee. Please contact us to find out about our current stock and for help choosing a colour, pattern, and design you will love.