January 9, 2014

DIY painting the inside of your home – what will you need?

Based in Geelong, our paintshop serves Lara for colour consulting and product selection. Residents in Lara have full access to our paintshop based in Geelong and our friendly staff who can help you with all of your painting needs! We are a short drive or phone call away.

Today, we’re giving tips about painting accessories you will need to paint the inside of your home yourself. Not everyone can afford to pay a professional painter, while some people simply enjoy the feeling of satisfaction that comes with painting your own home.

There are so many products that make DIY painting both doable and – dare we say it – fun! The quality of paint products and accessories today mean with a little care and attention to detail, a DIY job can look as good (if not better) than a professional paint job!

Are you ready to tackle a DIY paint job for the inside of your home? Here’s just a few of the essential paint accessories you will need:

  • Cleaning products and agents to remove dust, marks and residue from your walls before you paint them. You will also just need a bucket or two (if you have helpers!) and a couple of jumbo sponges to clean down the walls.
  • Fillers, gap sealant and sand paper. Before you paint, go through the house and fill any holes, gaps or cracks so that you can achieve a smooth paint job. Once hard and dry, lightly sand back so the filler is flush with the wall and not raised.
  • Painters tape – this one is important! Don’t use regular tape or you might end up ripping off more paint (i.e. from skirting boards) and needing to paint more than you planned! Painters tape is designed to adhere to normal household surfaces without ruining existing paint jobs.
  • ‘Cutting in’ paint brushes, paint rollers and roller trays. You can’t beat roller kits for large wall and ceiling surfaces. It’s just so much quicker and easier! However, you will need a variety of other brushes to cut in around skirting boards and architraves.
  • Drop sheets – when you’re painting inside, these are an absolute must. Unless you want speckled carpet, floor boards or tiles! Keep in mind that when you roll a ceiling it’s almost impossible to avoid that fine mist that sprays down as you roll the paint. Drop sheets will also protect against drips, blobs and spillages!
  • Paint! If you need help choosing colours or types of paint for your DIY job, let us help you! We stock a whole host of other paint products and paint accessories, visit us in-store to browse our extensive range.

Lara residents please contact our Geelong store for paintshop enquiries.