December 10, 2013

Surf Coast colour trends

We are proud suppliers of paint products to the Surf Coast from Torquay to as far as Warrnambool. Resene is one of our retail paint product brands available for interior and exterior painting.

Take inspiration from your surroundings – the Surf Coast features stunning greenery along the coast line, blue/green ocean colours and even the milky wash of sea foam.

Remember – colour affects mood! Blues and greens have a calming affect:

Green: This hue creates an air of tranquility and calm. Excellent in rooms where you’d like to meditate or just relax.

Blue: A receptive, inviting colour, blue has been known to lower the blood pressure and pulse rate. It’s the colour of aristocracy, authority and truth. It’s also the colour of a sunny day, and you have to like that.

The Resene ‘Habitat Plus’ Colour Connection publication features the following helpful information and paint colour charts useful for Surf Coast residents:



Muted, washed shades of blue and green – the colours of the sea. These crossover greens and blues are a strong and continuing trend which is not surprising in a country with such a lot of coastline. There are colours that create a soothing scheme where you can almost smell the salty tang of the sea.

Such colours are great companions to many styles, not just those with coastal influences, and can be as modern or traditional as you like. Give your interiors a retro twist by sharpening up an aqua to turn it into turquoise. Or create a classic look by softening a sea foam shade into a pale eggshell shade, like Resene Periglacial Blue.

How to use these colours:

Whether you’re using a sea-foam green like Resene Gulf Stream, soft aqua blue like Resene Foam, or one of those mysterious colours in between, keep the palette pale, washed or muddy so the tones don’t tip over into bright turquoise or limey green – these colours can look too aggressive.

Don’t be afraid of using more than one of these crossover colours in the same space – they look sensational together as can be seen using Resene Kumutoto together with Resene Neutral Green and act in the same way that the many tones of the sea give it depth, life and energy.

Don’t forget to include deep teal sea colours like Resene Pelorous for contrast against the paler tones.

While these sea tones look sensational on the walls, if you’re nervous, just use them as accents or accessories against pale sand-coloured walls in Resene Half Wheatfield. Use soft milky whites like Resene Rice Cake for your trims and ceilings. Alternatively, if you have varnished woodwork trims or features, soften the look using Resene ColorWood Whitewash so you still see the rich grains of the timber but without the ‘yellow’ tinge.

Above information and images from: Resene ‘Habitat Plus’ Colour Connection.

Our colour consultants are more than happy to help you with paint colour charts when choosing colours for your Surf Coast home or holiday house. Please contact us for help with your paint colour selection.