October 10, 2013

Colour forecast for 2014

As we move into 2014, people are braver about pushing the boundaries when it comes to their paint colour selection.

One of the most popular colours predicted for 2014 is teal – the colour of a deep, tropical ocean – calming and tranquil.

Pastels also make a comeback (wait – did they ever go?) and vivid brights remain on the radar.

Bold reds, yellows and oranges, and pastel purples, blues and greens are all trending for next year.

Probably the biggest colour trend for 2014 is to mix bolds with pastels, a harmonizing choice if balanced right.

Like any other part of the colour spectrum, when it comes to neutrals, there is a fashion.  For years, warm biscuit tones and dark smoky browns have been popular, but now it is heading for grey.  Along with green-toned creams, grey is now the ‘in’ neutral and brings style, glamour and sophistication – whether it’s a silvery off-white or a deep charcoal.

Warm greys have been a hit for weatherboard exteriors for a couple of years now, replacing more biscuity tones – they look sophisticated and clean yet blend with both urban and rural environments.

Mid grey:  This hue has a calming effect.  True grey can be too cool for many people’s liking so adding a small amount of another colour will change it’s character.  You can go ‘greige’ (grey beige), but try adding a bit of brown to achieve a colour like Resene Half Friar Grey.  This still has the appearance of grey but with a touch of warmth.

Or for a clean mid grey with just a bit of warmth, try Resene Rakaia.

Blue grey:  There is a big move towards greys with a touch of blue – Resene Avalanche is worth a try – or teal, like Resene Bluff.  While blue is a ‘cool’ colour, these slatey tones in their darker forms are smoky and moody.  In paler forms, they are beachy and casual.  A warmer versions of this palette is the eggplant greys which, with added red tones, become warm and rustic.  Check out Resene Everest as an examples.

Charcoal grey:  Elegant and restful, deep charcoals can’t be beaten with creamy whites and shots of vivid colour.  Try Resene New Denim Blue or the deeper Resene Half Baltic Sea.

To avoid charcoal and mid greys looking too military, make sure you get the details right.  You might add shots of bright warm colour, or use a warm cream for the trims.

Some interesting and fun combinations to try:

Grey with any form of yellow – acid, bright or mustard

Grey with orange, either deep, burnt forms or tangerines

Grey with pinky purples

Remember: colour affects mood, so choose wisely!

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