July 16, 2013

Creating that perfect color palette for your home can be fun, simple and very satisfying!  A coordinated colour palette unifies your space, creating an environment that is beautifully harmonious.  The issue for many, however, is that with so many colours to choose from, finding and coordinating the best colour palette for your home may seem overwelming.

If you break the selection process down to a few basic steps, you can style a beautiful home for you and your family to love!

Funtion and Feel

Colour is one of the simplest ways to create ambience – the feel of the room.  Because colours evoke an emotional response is all of us, you can use colour to set a specific mood or feeling in your home.  Cool colours impart a calm, serene effect, while warm colours bring an energizing and invigorating feel to a room.  So for a room you have set aside for peace and quiet will be enhanced by the calm and cool shades of green or blue.  If you want your space to be uplifting and exciting, you can decorate with warm colours such as yellow or orange.

Neutral colour palette

Bring style and a sense of subtlety to your home with a neutral colour palatte.  Taupe, beige and grey are tranquil and sophisticated neutral tones, giving your space a welcoming atmosphere.

Preview your colours

Make sure to develop a few combinations to choose from.  At Colourworld Geelong we are happy to assist you put together a number of choices for your house paint Geelong.  Once done, we can organize your paint samples and you can test them on your walls.  This will allow you to view the colours as a complete palette, under different lighting situations.  Remember to assess the colours in all types of light – daylight, night time lighting etc.  And take your time – the end result will be the perfect, colour-coordinated space for you.

So visit us at 160 Malop Street Geelong, or telephone 03 5221 3817, and make a colourful change!