May 22, 2013

After years of being rolled up in the corner, wallpaper is making a welcome return to the decorating landscape! Here are a few suggestions to incorporate this exciting trend into your home.

  • Large scale prints are fashionable, but can be overpowering in a small room.  Use them sparingly.  You could use wallpaper Geelong behind the bed in a bedroom or maybe as a feature wall in the lounge or dining room.
  • Smaller walls tend to be better than larger ones.  Making a larger wall a feature can sometimes dominate a space rather than adding to it.  Try this tip – walk into the room and focus on which wall immediately grabs your attention – this is generally a great way to see which wall would best be the one to make into a feature wall.
  • Limit the number of colours in a scheme for a coordinated look.  Matching plain Geelong wallpapers are also available to compliment the image.
  • Dark colours tend to make a room look smaller, whereas lighter colours will make it look larger.
  • Want to make your ceilings look higher?  Stripes on a wall can do that!

For any more advice, or to look through our range of Geelong wallpapers, contact us here on 03 5221 3817 or visit us in store at 160 Malop Street, Geelong.   Don’t forget we can also help you coordinate your wallpaper designs with your Geelong paint colours.