February 15, 2013

Well, we must say – it’s been a real treat to have “The Block All Stars” back on our TV screens! It’s great to watch a show which helps to draw out the renovator in all of us and inspire us towards thinking creatively. We are certainly enjoying it! How about you, do you watch it too?

There’s some good DIY articles on the Block’s website, including this one on how to transform old furniture. And, who could forget Geelong’s own Sophie from last year’s eclectic jar light fittings?

If you’re anything like us and love all the renovating ideas which this show throws out there, make sure you pop into Colourworld to see our Geelong house paint selection for yourself.

We stock a variety of brands and paint types so there’s something to please everyone! Plus, with our expert knowledge of house painting, we can also assist you with professional painting advice, too.

So if you are doing your own version of The Block and planning your painting bit, don’t hesitate to come and see us for any house paint Geelong needs which you have!