November 21, 2012

Planning on painting an area of your house in the near future? Soak up some inspiration from some of the upcoming paint trends we’ve noted. And on that note, you’ll be pleased to know that it seems colour trends are now evolving and growing more organically (and staying around longer!) rather than something which changes faster than a chameleon!

So here are some colour trends for you to consider this year…

  • Dusty timeless hues
    Conjuring up visions of a soft cocoon, reminding us of trends from earlier decades. Intentionally, these colours seem weathered, washed and well loved with shades like TripleTruffle, Half Innocence and First Light. Perfect for disconnecting from technology and creating a new environment of wellbeing.
  • Earthy tones
    With earthy tones like Toorak, Irish Coffee and Treasure Chest, you can see the influences of the great outdoors and nature coming inside the house with wooden hues, timber inspired tone and splashes of ‘flora and fauna’ colours.
  • Dominating reds
    Be ahead of the pack with the power of the colour red! This coming season, red hues continue to make a bold statement with makeup inspired pinks like Madam M, Pohusukawa, Material Girl  and purples that head towards fushcia.
  • Opulent oranges
    These oranges are in fantastic colours which we just just absolutely adore! With an antiquated feel reminiscent of a bygone era, it’s hard to beat the appeal of orange in your home. Ayers Rock is a delicious burnt orange colour which stands out but the Big Bang rockmelon inspired red needs to be seen to believed!
  • Luscious layering
    An increasingly popular way to add interest to a space, this is a new and upcoming trend which may interest you. Essentially, the trend works like this… Rather than just paint one colour in an area, why not paint your walls, kitchen drawers and internal doors in your favourite hues? Just imagine how funky it could look to have your pull out kitchen drawers painted in complementary hues. Or a standout burgundy door as a feature. Similar to the fashion trend of ‘colour blocking’, layering is all about unexpected fusions of colour within your home.

Thank you to Resene, one of our excellent paint suppliers for inspiring us to write this article. Read more about 2013 paint trends for yourself.

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