September 14, 2012

There are so many do’s and don’ts when it comes to selecting the colour for rooms in your home, particularly when it comes to make a small, pokey and dark room look bigger.

One misconception is that an all-white color palette will make a small room look larger. Instead, carefully placed furnishings and carefully chosen color can create an inviting space with style and make a smaller room feel and look more spacious.

There are no strict colour rules for a small space and the main aim should be to make your area personal and appealing to you. Here are some tips to consider.

  • Choose Sharp Colors. One of the best ways to expand a space is with very clear colors. You can choose a palette of sharper colors, as opposed to duller ones the sharp, mixed with colorful plaids or really hot reds and electric blues, yellows and greens (with plenty of air between the pieces). Color combinations with negative space in between will enhance the space’s clarity and openness.
  • Color Unexpected Accents. Bring splashes of color to a radiator, the inside of a bookshelf or a windowsill to bring excitement and depth to a room. If you have a foyer or hall, paint that a dark color and ease into a lighter shades in the living room, which will make it feel more spacious by comparison.
  • Create a Focal Wall. While some designers frown on the idea of painting one wall a different or deeper color than the others, it can work wonders in a small space. Don’t be afraid of bold colors. Sometimes a darker color on one wall can make it recede, making the space look larger.

This is a basic list to consider when redecorating your home or giving it a fresh look. Consider some of the above information and when you head into your Geelong paint suppliers, ask them for their advice and input to help with your decision.